Old Oak Outdoors Turkey Calls
Designed and engineered to reproduce the sound of a wild turkey.  Made with a high impact weatherproof plastic, the ideal choice to call in the gobblers!
The kee kee whistle is used to locate wild turkeys by duplicating the kee kee calling of young turkeys separated from their flock. Brood hens and other members of the flock will respond with yelps and kee kees when hearing the kee kee calling of the lost poult. 
** rumor has it that these also work on a particular species of ducks in the south **
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Great for Kids
  • Hassle Free
  • Makes Awesome Kee Kee Whistle Calls
    • The Lost Call of Turkeys
  • Great Call Spring or Fall
  • No Reeds
  • Weather Proof
  • Comes with Lanyard
  • Brand New Call
  • Made in the USA

A kee-kee or kee-kee-run is the maturing lost whistle of a young turkey transitioning into fall and winter. You'll even hear it from young hens sometimes during the spring turkey season.

The kee-kee is usually a three-note call, roughly two seconds long. The yelps added on the end, the "run" part, can be one to many more notes, added with "where are you?" urgency.

While kee-kee and kee-kee-run calls vary in the fall turkey woods, time there with the birds will teach you plenty. Listen.

You'll hear the kee-kee and kee-kee-run often when a young turkey is "lost" or looking for flockmates.

It can happen during fly-down time in the morning. It will occur after a flock has been separated, which is a traditional autumn tactic of course.

You flush the group, you set up at the scatter site, and you try to call gregarious birds back . . . using a kee-kee or kee-kee-run if that's the legal either-sex fall turkey you want. Call like the fall bird you're trying to kill.



Made in the USA
by Hunters, for Hunters!
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